Bob Etchells, founder of House In Montana knows how to design & build homes.  Bob started as a carpenter’s helper at the age of 13.  Building custom homes for over 24 years, Bob is an accomplished Designer, Builder, and Master Craftsman.  Bob and his design team at Work Studio, headed by Kevin Dworak, have developed their own Rustic-Modern Architectural Style.  This style is an extension of their own personal ethos and the inspiration for their vision of vernacular architecture.  During your first walk-thru in one of Bob’s, Kevin’s & Matt’s homes you will experience the magical blend of past and present in what can only be described as home.

House In Montana is a full service operation.  In addition to our own planned communities we are now working for private clients.   Our services are not limited to only the design and building elements for any giving project.  A project under House In Montana’s direction will typically include interior design and Architectural landscape services as well.  From the initial site visit to the final completion of a project, House In Montana will handle every imaginable detail.  Simplicity of design assures a home that is comfortable and uncomplicated to own. 

The designers and crafts-people of this team pull together the rustic look you love with modern reminders of the present moment.   Thank you for visiting our website.  Please check back regularly to review the latest news and photographs of each project.
Bob Etchells, founder & owner House In Montana
and his yaks - Big George and Tashi
Bob & Kevin working on the designs for Micro & Modern Cabins. HOUSE IN MONTANA.COM House In Montana Bob Etchells “New old home” that he designed and built from scratch in 
1993 - in Washington Va.  Bob moved to Eureka Montana in 2003 and now lives and works in Montana, Virginia & Washington dc. Piedmont House inspiration 
for our
MICRO CABINS abounds world wide in the
vernacular Vernacular Architecture:
 methods of construction which use locally available resources and traditions to address local needs and circumstances