Modern & Micro Cabins
Now you can own an Architecturally Designed custom home on one acre.  The Modern Cabin series is being developed for affordable quality, utility, and compact living.  A smaller single or double car garage can also be built as a companion outbuilding.  These homes are modular in design and can be configured from 1 to 4 bedrooms.  Any GSL or Modern Cabin can be easily added on to at a later date.  House In Montana is currently working on Micro-Home designs on one acre.  Please Inquire.  Living modules or recreational barns can also be designed and expanded to accommodate any size Motor Home or RV.  Please contact House In Montana for more information. Garage%20studio%20loft.htmlContact%20Information.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1
Check back soon for more details.  Only 5 one acre home sites available in phase one.  Pre-Construction sale days are here - contact us for special pricing incentives.
HOUSE IN MONTANA.COM Now Available - House In Montana’s new Rustic Modern Rancher.  Standard or Deluxe models. 
Affordable custom homes are now here.
Please visit our Area Maps page to view the development locations of Phase 1 & Phase 2 for our Rustic Modern Rancher, GSL &
 Motor Home Barn home sites.   Additional details regarding the Rustic Modern Rancher, GSL & Motor Home Barns will be coming soon.  House In Montana can furnish & landscape the homes we design & build - please inquire.
standard rustic modern rancher plans
912 sq. ft.
deluxe rustic modern rancher plans
1064 Sq. Ft.
Deluxe Modern Rustic Rancher
Deluxe rancher
Designer’s   Builder’s   Craftspeople
The Rustic Modern Rancher is available in two floor plan options as shown above.  This home was specifically designed to be easily added on to in the future.  
House In Montana designs all of our homes with hand-crafted interiors &
 low maintenance exteriors.
SO.......LETS’  YAK  ABOUT IT click here to see our latest RUSTIC CABIN